Empower your mind. Embrace your strength. Embark on the journey.

Birth Beyond Bias provides affordable, modern birth classes to new and expecting parents.

We help each woman discover options for her birth without pushing an agenda. We don’t claim to know the one right way to give birth because every mother and baby is unique and deserves to be treated as such. Gone are the days of “Lamaze breathing” and “husband-coached childbirth”. These aren’t your mama’s birth classes.

Guided by an expert instructor, our lecture-free classes focus on helping expectant parents engage with the practical information they need and have fun practicing labor positions, comfort measures and massage techniques for birth.

At Birth Beyond Bias, we also know how important partners are to the birth experience. Many partners want to support mom but don’t know where to begin. We teach partner involvement in a fun, interactive way,making them an active part of every class.

At Birth Beyond Bias, we believe that every woman and every birth is beautiful and unique. We strive to help her discover and achieve the birth that is right for her. It's just what we do.