We absolutely loved our refresher class! Gabrielle offered true information that was indeed ‘beyond bias’. My husband and I were the only ones signed up and she held a class just for us! We felt very special. She even adjusted the time slightly to make sure that my husband could get there easily after work without missing out on information. Gabrielle is incredibly knowledgeable and the class was not only interesting but fun as well. It was a great re-bonding before baby time for us and we would highly recommend her classes to anyone interested in learning more about birth topics. We took the class which the hospital offered the first time around and Gabrielle’s class was SO much better! We were really happy with our time spent and will be recommending her courses to all of our friends who are expecting a little one soon. We were extremely satisfied and felt supported and cared for during our class.
— Chelsea K
“We took this class for our second child’s birth and it was immensely better than our hospital based class. The material is well organized and presented in ways many learning styles can understand. The hands-on activities gave us opportunity to practice and try positions that can encourage relaxation. I feel much more confident going into my second labor and able to advocate for my decisions.” - Mary H.
“As a soon to be dad, the information and tools given to me I feel will help me during the process. Great interaction and interesting birthing games made it fun.” - Eric R.
My husband and I took this class for our second child and it was very helpful for learning different positions and coping methods! Not only do I feel more confident but my husband also feels more confident and educated in his role! I also look forward to having Gabrielle as my doula as I think that her presence will be that extra support that will see me through the birth that I wanted with my first and hope to obtain this time! I would highly recommend this class to any expectant mother, especially first time moms and moms who didn’t have a good experience last time and are worried for the next. These are very fun classes with lots of fun activities that make learning easier and much more enjoyable! - Mattie Q
Gabrielle does a great job of introducing and representing all of the concepts of childbirth and the pros and cons of choices offered during pregnancy, labor and delivery. Thanks for a great experience! We look forward to our natural birth and I feel more confident than ever about my body’s ability to handle this beautiful process. - Rebecca M.
These classes really prepared me for the unexpected when things didn’t go exactly as planned with the birth of my first child. I would recommend them to rookie and veteran parents. - Gina F.
Birth Beyond Bias was exactly what I thought it was going to be and exactly what I needed. Although my birth story didn’t go as I thought it would go, I feel peace in my birth story with the help of this class. I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to know both sides of the story and a truly caring atmosphere. -Samantha S.
My husband and I were very happy we were able to take a birthing refresher course. Some questioned why we would need or want to take another class after already having a baby. That was going on three years ago already! While we remembered the techniques that worked well for us last time, we also wanted to be reminded of others and even learn about new ways to help us in our next delivery. We are excited to meet this next little bundle, and are pleased with the knowledge we’ve got to help us this second time around. Thank you!!! - Ashley & Ben J.
I found that Gabrielle’s class was very important as my husband and I were preparing for the birth of our our first baby. It was very informative! Gabrielle set up the class where there was a good mix of teaching time and then interactive activities. It seemed like our 2.5 hour class would fly by ever week. There was always plenty of stuff to talk about on our drive home after class. The class would bring up questions that I would address at our next doctor’s appointment. We were challenged to think about the different medical interventions we desired or didn’t desire to have part of our son’s birth. There was also great ideas for comfort measures. I have no regrets taking this class and I would highly recommend it as you prepare for your upcoming birth. Crystal K.
My boyfriend and I took Gabrielle’s accelerated course because it was the most convenient with his work schedule. This being my first child I was rather apprehensive about the birthing process going into the class. My largest concern was if we would be able to communicate our needs to each other throughout the process. I loved how interactive the course was and the activities we did helped put me at ease knowing we had worked through a lot of the communication issues in the class. We were also introduced to the idea of having a doula, which had a huge positive influence on our birthing experience. Initially I was not overly enthusiastic about learning about cesareans and other non-natural birthing procedures as I really wanted a natural birth. However, as we all know, we are limited in the control we have over our birthing experience and as I was going in for my C-section I was so thankful that I understood the process and I wasn’t being introduced to the idea for the first time. Thank you, Gabrielle!! - Becky R.
It was comprehensive. Good use of relaxation techniques. - Shawn H.
Best class out of the three we took to prepare for our first child. I really enjoyed all the skill practice and knowledge activities presented. - Anna
I would recommend Birth Beyond Bias to anyone who asked what birthing class they should take - Emily
This is a good education for first and repeat parents. Classes are organized and instructor is personable and informed. - Jeremiah P.
The birthing gown was a wonderful accessory to have during my labor and delivery. It didn’t get all caught up in the wires at the hospital and was a breeze to move in. I really appreciated the fact that my backside was covered while walking around or bouncing on my birthing ball. Once my beautiful daughter was born, the Velcro straps made it extremely convenient and easy to nurse and provide instant skin to skin contact. Even my friend who is studying to be a midwife was very impressed with my birthing gown. - Susie M on Birth Beyond Bias’s BG Birthing Gown.