What do you picture when you think about birth classes?

Sitting on a yoga mat with your partner, practicing your breathing until you fall asleep?

Uncomfortably intimate discussions about your perineum?

Think again.

Get the info you need to rock this birth:

There’s no fluff or wasted time in our birth classes. By the time we’re finished, you’ll...

  • Understand what’s happening to your body during labor

  • Be able to use natural coping techniques that really work

  • Know the ins and outs of medical interventions, and be able to make informed decisions about them

  • Have the resources you need for postpartum recovery

  • Feel empowered to take charge of your baby’s birth!

With classes you’ll actually learn from:

Our curriculum is always up-to-date with the latest research. With Birth Beyond Bias, you’ll get...

  • Clear, to-the-point explanations

  • Hands-on learning with short videos, graphics, and props

  • Real discussions focused on you and your baby’s needs

  • Engaging games reinforce key concepts

  • Your instructor’s cell phone number - call any time you have questions or concerns!

What you won’t find here:

  • No hospital agenda coloring the facts about your rights and options.

  • No one-size-fits-all birth plans that don’t fit you.

  • No outdated videos from the 80’s that don't apply anymore.

  • No long, boring lectures to put you to sleep.

  • “As a soon to be dad, the information and tools given to me I feel will help me during the process. Great interaction and interesting birthing games made it fun.”
    — Eric R.
  • "I found that Gabrielle’s class was very important as my husband and I were preparing for the birth of our our first baby. It was very informative! Gabrielle set up the class where there was a good mix of teaching time and then interactive activities. It seemed like our 2.5 hour class would fly by ever week."
    — Crystal K.
  • "Gabrielle does a great job of introducing and representing all of the concepts of childbirth and the pros and cons of choices offered during pregnancy, labor and delivery. I feel more confident than ever about my body’s ability to handle this beautiful process."
    — Rebecca M.
  • "I would highly recommend this class to any expectant mother, especially first time moms and moms who didn’t have a good experience last time and are worried for the next. These are very fun classes with lots of fun activities that make learning easier and much more enjoyable!"
    — Mattie Q.
  • "I am passionate about helping every woman who comes to me have the best birth experience and outcome possible - that’s why I put my cell phone on my website! Call me at (402) 617-3978 today!"
    — Gabrielle, Birth Educator
  • "This being my first child I was rather apprehensive about the birthing process going into the class. I loved how interactive the course was and the activities we did helped put me at ease."
    — Becky R.
  • "The hands-on activities gave us opportunity to practice and try positions that can encourage relaxation. I feel much more confident going into my second labor and able to advocate for my decisions.”
    — Mary H.