Special Delivery: Birth Essentials

We took our no fluff approach to birth classes even further to create a weeknight option for parents unable to commit to a 6 week class. Don't worry though - you still get all our best tips, techniques and info for labor and delivery. We've just condensed it all into a 3 week class focused solely on helping you have a great delivery room experience!

As with our Complete Class, all mothers, whether expecting natural, epidural or cesarean births, are welcome in these classes!

Classes cover:

  • Signs & stages of labor
  • Natural comfort techniques
  • Labor and birth positions
  • Options for medicinal pain relief
  • Common interventions 
  • Informed consent
  • My husband and I took this class for our second child and it was very helpful for learning different positions and coping methods! Not only do I feel more confident but my husband also feels more confident and educated in his role!
    — Mattie Q.
  • We took this class for our second child’s birth and it was immensely better than our hospital based class. I feel much more confident going into my second labor and able to advocate for my decisions.
    — Mary H.
  • "Taking one of Gabrielle's classes is the best preparation you can do for yourself and growing family! My husband and I really appreciated the scope of the information and the practice of labor coping techniques. I had a great outcome at my birthing-- a healthy girl with no interventions!"