“I feel more confident.”

“As a soon to be dad, the information and tools given to me I feel will help me during the process. Great interaction and interesting birthing games made it fun.” 

— Eric R.

“I would highly recommend it.”

Gabrielle does a great job of introducing and representing all of the concepts of childbirth and the pros and cons of choices offered during pregnancy, labor and delivery. I feel more confident than ever about my body’s ability to handle this beautiful process. 

— Rebecca M.

Every Birth Class I teach covers the following vital information:

  • Signs & stages of labor
  • Natural comfort techniques (that actually work)
  • Labor and birth positions
  • Medicinal pain relief options
  • Dealing with common interventions 
  • Informed consent (you're the boss, mama!)
  • Postpartum: Life after baby
  • Breastfeeding Myths and Realities
  • Baby Behavior Basic (understanding your newborn)

I've also recently covered the following for expecting parents just like you:

  • Twins (and more)
  • VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean)
  • Preterm Labor for At-Risk Moms
  • Bed Rest

And I'm familiar with many other topics as well - too many to list, in fact. Whatever challenges your pregnancy presents, I'll share the latest research and best practices, along with the practical advice that only comes with experience. You're going to rock this birth, and I count myself lucky to help. Hope I see you soon!

Have more specific questions? Email Gabrielle@BirthBeyondBias.com and I'll get back to you within 24 hours.