How to Make Birth Classes Affordable

If you’re expecting a baby, you know this baby business is expensive stuff! Doctor bills, nursery, stroller, everything adds up quickly. The last thing you probably want to do is pay for a birth class. Luckily there are a couple ways to make childbirth education more affordable.

One great way is to see if your insurance will cover the cost of a class for you. To do this, call the member service number on the back of your insurance card and ask if they cover birth classes. Many private insurance companies will reimburse you for all or part of a birth class. If your insurance company covers the cost of a class, you generally pay the teacher upfront and submit a claim to your insurance company after the class is complete. There are two insurance billing codes for birth classes; you can use these codes when speaking to your insurance company to determine if this is a service your plan covers.

Insurance codes for childbirth classes:

S9436: Childbirth preparation/lamaze classes, non-physician provider, per session

S9442: Birthing classes, non-physician, per session

 One of the great things about birth classes - time to practice relaxation & massage with your partner!

One of the great things about birth classes - time to practice relaxation & massage with your partner!

If your insurance company doesn’t cover classes or only covers part of the fee, many HSA (health savings accounts) or FSA (flexible spending account) allow you to use funds to cover the cost. To figure out if your account allows you to use these funds for birth classes, you can look through the paperwork you were given when you set up the account or call the bank and ask. 

Finally, if finances are a true hardship, contact the teacher and ask if they could do a payment plan or if they have scholarships available. Most independent childbirth educators want every parent to get the education they deserve and may be willing to work with you on the financial end.

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