Crying Babies, My Oh My!

I’m going to let you in on a big secret about newborns. Ready? Here it is… newborns cry. A lot. The average newborn cries 2 hours a day, and by 6 weeks of age will cry for 3 hours a day. As a parent, this is exhausting and your natural instinct is to do everything in your power to soothe your upset baby. But how do you know what they need?

What many parents don’t know is that babies are born able to communicate in subtle ways. So if you find yourself with an inconsolable babe, don’t panic.

Some common missed cues happen when babies get overstimulated. Your baby will tell you it needs a break with a series of disengagement cues.  You’ll see body movements get jerky, face get red, and baby will turn away from you or space out. When you see these signals, playtime is over. Instead of trying to cheer baby up, hold your wee one quietly. If your infant is crying, pick a comfortable position and hold them calmly for a several minutes, even if they keep crying. Babies need time to calm down and changing from position to position only stimulates (and upsets) them further.

When you’ve mastered these cues, you’ll start to notice many others. Your baby is always communicating – you just need to learn how to listen.

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