A Doula Is Not Enough

Let me begin by saying that I am absolutely not anti-doula. They are amazing birth workers, and I have one for my upcoming birth and wouldn’t dream of doing it without her. They’re the first “birth tool” I suggest to expectant parents.

But with that said, they are not enough. Doulas get such good rapport nowadays that it can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking that they’ll magically make you have a good birth, but this is simply not true. They are human and can’t read your mind.You can’t expect them to take over and be your complete guide on the big day.

Nor should you. Birth is about making your own informed choices. Doulas are there to help and guide you through the process, not take over.  

A doula’s job is to support you and your decisions. She is there to suggest comfort measures, provide reassurance, remind you of your birth plan and support you if labor doesn’t go as planned or you change your birth preferences. She does not make decisions for you. She will not take over your birth. She is not magic and will not somehow “make” you have a glorious birth, especially if you go into the relationship with unrealistic expectations.

So by all means, hire a doula for your birth - they really are a wonderful tool. Just don’t forget that a doula’s job is to help support you in the decisions you make, not to make them for you.

Happy birthing!