Top 5 Reasons Women Choose a Natural Birth

Ever wondered why some women choose natural birth? I recently asked those of you who follow me on Facebook to help me identify some of the top reasons behind this decision, and after carefully studying your responses, I identified five different core themes.

 Photo property of  Christian Scheja  under  Creative Commons

Photo property of Christian Scheja under Creative Commons

  1. Control. Everyone likes control. Stereotypically, women really like control. One place this is not a stereotype is the birth room. In her book, A Good Birth, author Anne Drapkin Lyerly talks about how important control is in the delivery room.

  2. Needles. For some women, the thought of a needle in her spine is more frightening than the thought of birthing a baby without pain medication.  

  3. Side effects. No medicine is without potential risks or side effects and some women would rather forego those risks by skipping an epidural altogether.

  4. Trust. They trust that their body can handle birth without medication or they don’t want to interfere with a process that isn’t broken. It’s a cliched saying but women have been giving birth for hundreds of thousands of years. It wasn’t until recently that we started to interfere with the process. Are women’s bodies sudden incapable of handling birth without an epidural or are their bodies broken? Some women believe in this process so strongly that they choose to forego an epidural for this reason.

  5. Empowerment. We all know that birth is hard work! For some mamas, birthing without an epidural helps them to feel strong, empowered, confident and truly feminine.

So how do these reasons stack up to those behind your own birth decisions? Did you have the same concerns, or different ones? Personally, I chose to pursue an unmedicated birth because I wanted to feel empowered by my birth experience and I didn’t want to risk the side effects of medication. Is this list complete? Is there anything that doesn’t belong on it? Share your thoughts in the comments below!