Pregnancy Timeline

First Trimester

Find a care provider for your pregnancy, if you don’t already have an ob/gyn

Ask your provider about exercise during pregnancy and, if you get the go-ahead, start or continue an exercise regime

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Start or maintain a healthy, balanced diet

Sign up for a childbirth education class

Second Trimester

Baby’s 20 week ultrasound

Start setting up baby’s room

Take hospital tours and decide where you want to give birth

Register at your hospital of choice

Your provider will test you for gestational diabetes

Third Trimester

 Photo courtesy of  Julie Kurtez  via  Flickr

Photo courtesy of Julie Kurtez via Flickr

Take a birth class

Find a doctor for your baby

Get baby’s room/things ready

Pack your hospital bag

Make a birth plan

Install baby’s car seat

Your provider will test you for Group B Strep

Be patient. Those last weeks of pregnancy can seem to drag on forever but remember that a term pregnancy is defined as 39-41 weeks.

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