If you’re a new parent, you’ve probably noticed.

Parenting a newborn comes with many challenges, but especially learning how to understand and respond to your bundle of joy’s most piercing requests. Parents everywhere struggle with this because babies communicate using nonverbal cues and body language that most people don’t know how to read. There’s a reason it’s called baby babble!

That’s why we’re launching a new parenting group specifically to help you understand why your baby is crying, how to respond to crying and how to cut down on the time your baby spends crying. We’ll also talk about the amazing ways your baby communicates with you every day so you can understand what he or she needs from you even when not crying.

Baby Babble meets once a week on Friday from 2-3:30. Moms and dads both welcome! Cost is $10 a person, and covers handouts, a light snack, and hands on training from a professional in the field. Bring your baby, your questions and hang out with other moms and dads while gaining confidence in your baby behavior skills!

You’ll leave meetup better able to respond to your baby’s cues and actually cut down on crying. Join us!

Space is limited, so preregistration is required. Scroll down to sign up for a date!



Meeting space

285 South 68th Street #324
Lincoln, NE, 68510
United States