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You deserve to go into the labor and delivery room with a real understanding of your options, the pros and cons of possible medical interventions, and the confidence to make decisions about your care that you can stand by.

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A La carte

It's your birth, and we're here to help you prepare on your terms. Get the info you need and skip what you don't with our focused single-subject classes. 

Birth Basics: Covering the essentials of having a baby, including the physical process of birth, signs and stages of labor, and your options and rights in and out of the delivery room.

Creating Comfort in Labor: Covering the most effective comfort measures for labor, including everything from movement, body positioning,  vocalization and visualization to pain medication and epidurals.

Interventions and Options: Covering the most common interventions in the delivery room, including labor induction and augmentation, assisted delivery, episiotomy, and cesarean birth, as well as your options and rights.

Breastfeeding and Beyond: Covering the postpartum period, including your recovery, basic newborn care, real and practical help with breastfeeding, and what you need to know about mood disorders.


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6 Week Classes

The ideal option for first-time parents, our comprehensive 6 Week Course guides expecting parents through the joys and pains of pregnancy, labor, and the postpartum period. Much more than a simple guide to hospital procedures or comfort measures, we aim to provide you with the information and tools you need to make decisions about coping with labor, interventions, recovering after birth, as well as an introduction to caring for and feeding your bundle of joy.

This course includes support for a range of birthing preferences, including unmedicated, medicated, and cesarean outcomes - we believe that every pregnancy is unique and deserves to be treated as such.

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